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Visa Restrictions Waived: Russia Welcomes Group Tourists from India Without Visas

Earlier this week, Russia proposed a regime with India that will allow tourists from both nations to visit each other's countries without visas if they travel in organized groups, according to Economic Development Minister Maksim Reshetnikov.

Background of Russia's Visa Policies

  • Starting August 1, Russia began issuing electronic visas (e-visas) to Indian passport holders to expedite travel approval for business, guest visits, and tourism.
  • On the same day, Russia launched an e-visa program for citizens of 55 countries, valid for 60 days with a 16-day maximum stay.
  • Russia and China reinstated a visa-free agreement for tourist groups in early August, which was first negotiated in 2000 but suspended in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Details of the Proposed Russia-India Visa-Free Regime

  • As per Minister Reshetnikov, the proposed Russia-India regime would apply to organized tour groups with a minimum of 5 travelers on a single itinerary.
  • A similar scheme is already active between Russia and China.
  • Negotiations are underway through diplomatic channels to finalize the proposal between Russia and India.

Potential Impact on Tourism Between Russia and India

  • The proposed visa-free group travel could significantly boost tourism between the two countries once implemented.
  • It would make it easier for Indian tour groups to visit popular Russian destinations like Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • Similarly, organized Russian tour groups could visit top attractions in India like the Taj Mahal without visa hurdles.
  • Overall, it has the potential to stimulate tourism growth and deepen economic ties.

Russia's Goal of Reviving Its Tourism Industry

  • Russia aims to restore pre-pandemic tourist arrival levels, which have also been affected by the Ukraine conflict.
  • The visa-free travel proposal with India is part of Russia's efforts to boost tourism.
  • If finalized, it would help Russia meet its goal of reviving tourism by attracting more visitors from India.

In summary, the proposed visa-free group travel regime between Russia and India could significantly stimulate tourism growth and closer economic ties if implemented. It comes as Russia works to revive its pandemic-hit tourism industry.

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