Electronic Travel Visa for India

Apply Emergency Visa to India

We understand that sometimes you may require fast travel to India to handle some things that cannot wait for long.

We got you covered and you can get a visa within 1 to 3 working days by filling the emergency Indian visa application form, attaching the right documents and making the payment.

Something amazing about this is that your visa can be processed even on weekends and public holidays.

You may ask what it takes to qualify for this visa. Well, first, as the name suggests, it applies to those have unplanned travels to make, or if you forgot to apply for the normal visa at the right time.

Sometimes, for example, in the scenario of death or illness, you will be asked to provide letters to prove that you need an emergency visa to India. You can easily get the letters from the Indian Consulate or Embassy of your country.

What are the Requirements?

First, you must ascertain that your country of residence is among the 165 eligible countries for Indian emergency visa.

You need to have a valid passport that has two blank pages. The validity of the passport should be at least six months from the expected arrival day in India. These two blank pages will be used by the immigration officer in the Indian airport to stamp your entry and exit from India.

You need to make a scanned copy of your passport in PDF format and not exceeding 3 MB. The first page with your personal details should be clearly legible.

Also, you will need a recent copy of your photograph. It should be a digital image not older than six months and taken on a white background. Your face should be visible from the forehead to the chin even if you wear a headscarf for medical or religious reasons.

Things to keep in Mind

Getting the Notification

When your emergency visa is approved you will get a notification from us in your email address. It will be your travel authorization approval letter that you will use to board a plane accompanied by your passport. However, you will need a print out of the e-visa approval letter.

For the e-visa, you will get it stamped on your passport upon arrival at the immigration officer in India while still at the airport.

Emergency Indian Visa in 1 to 3 working days

The Emergency Visa for citizens of these states / territories who had ordinary passports...