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Indian Self Declaration Form Registration

As of February 12, 2023, the Indian government has announced that international arriving passengers will no longer be required to complete a mandatory self-declaration on Air Suvidha. This means that travelers from abroad will not need to fill out any health declaration forms to enter the country.

In addition, it is currently permitted for individuals who are not vaccinated or only partially vaccinated to enter India. However, the Indian government strongly recommends that all travelers to India receive full Covid-19 vaccinations according to the primary vaccination schedule in their country of residence, citizenship, or nationality.

Old update:

Today I decided to make an informative, All of you regarding the Air Suvidha Declaration form. Which is a mandatory document, you need to submit when you're travelling to India. And this is irrespective of your immigration status, whether you are a citizen of India or any other country and travelling to India, you need to submit an Air Suvidha form before your travel. But the Air Suvidha form will be checked at the airport when you are checking in and getting your boarding pass. So make sure you submit this and take a print if possible, or have it saved on your phone and keep it handy with you at all times. 

Important  required documents are:

The Air Suvidha needs three important documents ready in hand when filling the form because once you start filling the form, you can save it and fill it again.

Later, this procedure takes around seven to 10 minutes. So I will tell you what documents you need when filling out the Air Suvidha form, so the documents needed are:

  1. Copy of your passport, the first page, and the last page with your address in a PDF format.
  2.  RT-PCR results in PDF format. 
  3. vaccination details in PDF format.

 Also, note down details of your 

  • Flight number
  • Flight name
  • Seat number
  • PNR number

Make sure you rename the PDF file accordingly. And that the PDF files are less than one MB. If not, you can use an online tool to compress your file. So for example, assume when filling the form, you are taking a flight from Orlando to Doha Qatar to Mumbai, and your final destination is Goa. 

First of all:

  •  open any browser.
  •  And typing Indian Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form.
  •  Press enter, which will take you to this page.
  • Click on the first link, which really navigates you to the official website of the Ministry of Civil aviation. Take you to this page.

Let's scroll down and start:

  • Here the first option is to put your Email id. This is very important. Please Put the valid email ID because you will get your certificate in your email ID.
  • Enter mobile number (It is mandatory to provide a valid and working phone number in India. The passengers will be liable for punishable offences under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code and Disaster management Act, if this information is found to be incorrect.)
  • The next option is your nationality. (Scroll down, according to the nationality I'm selecting USA). 
  • The next option is your date of arrival on which day you are going to arrive in India. That is the first destination Arriving in Mumbai. So select accordingly.


Personal Detail:

  • Filling in your personal details for the first option is your full name as a player passport. 
  • The next function is your date of birth. (Click on the box and fill in your date of birth Day, month, and year).
  • The next option is the passport number and enters your passport number. (Accordingly, after that you have to upload your passport copy, Which should be in PDF format. Your first page on your last page), Scroll down.
  • The next function is your gender, Select male-female or others.

Travel Detail:

  • The next option is your flight number( For example, if you're by Qatar airwaysqr525 for an example). 
  • The next option is your seat number. Now, (if you don't know your seat number, you can just put 0-0).
  •  The next option is the PNR number, (which is given on your flight details. So, and the PNR number, your reference number). 
  • The next option is your country of departure,(for example the United States).
  • City of departure, I'm departing from Orlando. So I click Orlando
  • Are you taking a domestic flight? If yes. Click. Yes. If no click. No, if yes, then you need to enter your connecting flight Number example is Vistara, Which is the UK, And a flight number. 

Visit Detail:

  • The first entry airport In India. So I'm selecting Mumbai once you select Mumbai, the next option is the state which automatically gets selected Maharashtra.
  •  House details your final destination.
  • Street village.
  •  And the Next option is your state, I am from Goa. So I'm selecting Goa.
  • The next option is your pin code. Put your pin code accordingly

The next option is this questionnaire, health questionnaire

  • If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, fever, cough, respiratory distress, diabetes, hypertension, Asthma, cancer. Just click. No, if yes.
  • The next option is to take these three boxes. I agree with the guidelines. One, two, and three, and then press submit. And then you are done. Now, once you submit a new click, if there's any wrong information, then the window will pop up and you need to fill in the correct details. 
  • Details of the countries visited in the last 14 days just select None or you can select the United States of America.
  • And next option is your RT-PCR test Negative certificate, which should be again in PDF format, and the date which you have taken the test.
  • The next types on the vaccination certificate and the vaccinations are again the PDF format. And the second dose, when you had taken the second dose Day-Date and month.


So once you submit, you will get an email with your Air Suvidha pass. which you need to download or take a printout to show the airport counter. 


I hope this information was useful. Guys, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we will assist you. 

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  1. Sudhir Kumar says:
    US passport has no address, what to do
    Thomas says:
    How long before you fly to India should you fill in the Air Suvidha form ?
    Becky Rae Phillips says:
    I submitted the form and received the confirmation. However it did not ask me to upload a picture of my vaccination card, it only asked for the dates of the vaccines. Is this okay?
    Need help

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