Indian Medical Attendant Visa for United-kingdom

India resumes e-Visa facility for UK nationals from 6 December 2022:

India's High Commissioner to the UK, Vikram K Doraiswamy announced in a video message that India is set to resume the e-Visa facility for UK citizens travelling to the country. According to the High Commissioner, “India is launching e-Visa once again and this service will be made available to you from 6 December 2022. This should enable UK friends to be in India much more easily. So welcome back, e-Visas are ahead and all our other services including visa at your doorstep are available to you. We are looking forward to a nice winter season wherein everyone gets a chance to celebrate their festivals in India, the land of festivals.

According to the Government of India, e-Visas are admissible under 5 categories: e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa, e-Medical Attendant Visa and e-Conference Visa.

The Indian e-Medical Attendant visa is an e-visa provided to individuals interested in accommodating their family members to get medically treated in India. This visa can be granted to two family members of an e-medical visa holder to concentrate on their medical treatment while having a family member's support.

Main Points about e-Medical Attendant Visa?

The e-medical Attendant visa is an electronically produced and received travel authorisation issued by the Indian immigration department to immediate relatives of patients intending to visit the country especially to seek medical attention.

There is certain criteria to meet in order to apply for this visa, which includes:

  • The attendants should be a blood relative of the patient.
  • The applicant must be willing to stay in India throughout the time of treatment.
  • The patient whom the applicant wishes to accompany in India must possess an e-medical visa.
  • The validity of e-medical and e-medical attendant visas are the same.

Working of the Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa:

The e-medical attendant visa allows no more than two family members to enter the Indian territories and stay for a max duration of 60 days.

Purpose of Travel under e-Medical Attendant Visa:

The purpose of the applicant’s arrival in India is to accompany their family member who is about to receive medical treatment in India. However, the attendant can apply for a visa only when the patient seeking treatment has applied for their e-medical visa. The e-medical attendant visa can also be broken down into three different visits in a total span of sixty days. This means, it isn’t a single-entry visa and travelers can use it for multiple entries within the allotted stay validity of 60 days.

Activities Allowed Under the Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa:

The holder of the e-medical attendant visa is allowed to visit the medical institutes or hospitals along with their family members and take part in different medical activities and travels related to the patient's treatment plan. The holders of the medical attendant e-visa will not be allowed to participate in any other activities while staying in the country.

Required Information for the Indian Medical Attendant Visa:

The requesting individual will need to provide the following:

  • Their basic details include full name, parents' name, age, nationality, date of birth, etc.
  • They must provide details of their passport. Please note that the passport's expiry date should be at least 6 months away from the date of your entry into India.
  • Information about the family member or patient whom they will be accompanying in India.

Documents Required to Apply for an e-Medical Attendant Visa:

  • The applicant must attach a scanned copy of the passport biography page of their passport.
  • They will also attach a revent colored photograph (2”x2”). The photograph’s size should be less than 10 MB. If the pictue does not meet the required standards of a passport size photo as approved by the Indian foreign ministry, the image won’t get uploaded

How to Obtain the Indian e-Medical Attendant Visa:

The e-medical visa can be obtained by providing and proving that they are related to the family member seeking medical help from India and that they are of an eligible age to accommodate the family member. The individual will also need to provide financial funding proof to show that they can bear their expenses while in India.

Apply for Indian Medical Attendant Visa for United-kingdom

Method for Applying for the Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa:

The Indian government allows individuals to apply for the Indian e-medical attendant visa following three main steps.

  • Fill out the form with all necessary information and passport details.
  • Upload the required documents.
  • Pay the processing fee using a valid debit/credit card or PayPal account.

When done with these steps, press the submit button and wait to receive the visa approval. All communications related to your e-medical attendant visa will be conducted through the provided e-mail address.

Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa Cost:

The total cost of the e-medical attendant visa varied as per the applicant’s nationality and the type of visa required- such as urgent or standard. Here’s a breakdown of the current Indian medical attendant visa costs.

Questions and Answers about Turkish Transit Visa

The Indian e-medical attendant visa is a travel authorization given to the relative or guardian of the patient seeking medical assistance in India. It is a type of permit that they can get via online application. It shares the same policy with Indian E-Medical Visa that allows specific nationalities to visit India during the same period with the patient. It is eligible for triple-entry valid for two months (maximum of 60 days) upon arrival in the country. Both patient and attendant can obtain E-Medical Visa/ E-Medical Attendant Visa twice a year.

Travellers from over 150 nationalities are allowed to apply for Indian e-medical attendant visa. However, only those individuals can apply who want to accompany a blood relative to India who will receive medical treatment in the country. It is essential that the applicant is a blood relative of the patient. Moreover, it is compulsory that the patient has already applied for an Indian e-medical visa. No more than two blood relatives of the patient can apply for an e-medical attendant visa.

Candidates eligible for this visa need to provide the following documents at the time of submitting their visa application:

  • A clear scan/photocopy of their passport in standard format, including JPG, PNG, or PDF. The document size should not exceed 3 MB.
  • Two recently taken 2x2 passport size photographs. The photo must be taken against a white background. The file size must not exceed 10 MB.
  • Proof of sufficient funds, such as a bank statement, to ensure the visitor can bear the expenses of their stay in India.
  • Applicants must possess a valid debit or credit card to pay the visa processing fee.
  • Details of the Indian e-medical visa holder will also be required at the time of applying for the medical attendant visa.

The e-medical attendant visa fee varies according to the timeframe within which you have submitted your visa application. If you want a via urgently, you will have to apply for an urgent visa, which will cost higher than standard visa. Generally, urgent e-medical attendant visa costs ($$) and it is issued within 1-2 days. Standard e-visa for medical attendants is issued between 3 to 5 days and cost ($$). If you require a visa within two days, select the Urgent processing time.s